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I have asked the publisher to provide an unedited hardcover(Sold Out) limited edition of my book, Black Tuna Diaries. I will sign and number each book. This limited edition also contains more than 45 photos and media reprints. Some of the material in this unedited edition may not appear in the mass market version. The 35Th Anniversary Issue of High Times features a preview of Black Tuna Diaries and story about the author. The publisher believes that this signed and numbered limited edition will become a valuable collectible.

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Black Tuna Diaries
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About the Book

This is a true account of the life of America's most written about marijuana smuggler. Between the accounts of his smuggling adventures, Robert tells his life story. Life as a member of "The South St. Gang", his years as an actor, a famous pitchman, a successful entrepreneur in America and England, Bull Fighter in Spain, TV producer, smuggling pilot, big game fisherman, and the celebrities and villains he met along the way. The last section of the book deals with his twenty-nine years in federal prisons. From the infamous Super-Max at Marion Illinois to Camp Fed in Florida, he takes the reader on a tour of the federal prison system and introduces him to the convicts.

On May 1, 1979 President Jimmy Carter's Attorney General, Griffin Bell, called a press conference in the nation's capital to announce the arrest and indictment of the Black Tunas. A gang of marijuana smugglers led by Robert Platshorn and his two partners Robby Meinster and Big Gene Myers. Bell called the Tunas the "slickest, most sophisticated pot smugglers of the 70's." He told the gathered reporters that the Tunas used a fleet of aircraft, and five yachts, to smuggle over a half-million pounds of Columbian marijuana into the United States in a six month period. Later, the DEA would claim the Tunas brought in anywhere from one million to three million pounds of high-grade grass and made over three hundred million dollars.

Twenty nine years later, the official DEA website still has a picture of the gold medallion they claim Black Tuna gang members wore as "a talisman and symbol of their membership in this smuggling group." They do not mention that no trace was ever found of the fleet of aircraft, the five yachts, or any fraction of the alleged three hundred million dollars. Now, after twenty-nine years in federal prison, Robert Platshorn, better known as The Black Tuna, breaks his silence and tells the true story of Americas' longest serving marijuana prisoner. From his first toke to his last ton, Platshorn accounts for every pound, every penny, every plane and every yacht, including a few that the government never knew about.

Meet the Black Tunas: Robby, Bobby, Big Gene and Chip's Army. The pilots: Captain Rivers ex CIA, El Gigante former NFL player, Captain Beercan famous soldier of fortune, Reverend Birchinal who could fly anything with wings, and Stealing Steve. The Mariners: Captains Randy, Crunch, Tico, and Elm. Their crews, Barry the Stoner, Marty, and the Outlaws.

The South Street Gang: Robby, Bobby, Cooky Baumholtz, Pretty Boy Levine, Tony Ordile, Alfred and Pedro.

The Colombians: Raul Davila, El Loco, Julio, Chino, Johnny, Roger the Dodger, Louis the Louse and the Colombian Army, Navy, and Secret Police.

The Other Important Characters: Marcy the Yenta, Redd Foxx, Frank Sinatra, Donald Trump, Baron Rothschild, Red Dillon, Sunny Franchise, Joe Louis, The Queen of England, Prince Charles, Lynn Redgrave, Sir John Drage, Sir Donald Duck (for real), Astrid the Jewitch, Baron Von Putlich, The Rolling Stones, Ahmed Boob, Archie Morris the king of the Boardwalk, Celebrity Chef and Master Pitchman Jerry Crowley, Footy, Benny the Bed Shaker, the Mad Swede, Scratch, and the Colombo brothers.

What Readers and Critics are saying about Black Tuna Diaries

“I love it! It's my kind of story. I'm going on a book tour and I'll tell my readers that I'm reading your book.”
- Greg Campbell, author of Blood Diamonds, The Road to Kosovo, and Flawless.

“I'm reading your book. You did an outstanding job putting all of that together in a such logical order. I am surprised that you are still alive after all of those adventures.”
- Jeffrey A. Whichello, Tampa

“When I read your story I just wanted to scream! What a story that long in jail for a plant!”
- Debbie Fagin, Calgary AB

“This book is different than many, or even most, novels you read about drug smuggling, let alone the supposedly true ones. It reads true, and Platshorn's propensity to display the entire picture, warts and all, is both commendable and a refreshing touch. Even the dedication page in this book is different from the usual vapid or sometimes maudlin dedications one sees in books today, and is worth a read.”
- Book Review: Lou Novacheck

“I got this book a few months ago and I loved the story and how you could explain it. The boat adventures are amazing.”

“I spent Christmas eve catching mahi mahi and tuna off the coast of Costa Rica and finishing your book. It was a riveting tale.”
- Lazlow, author of Grand Theft Auto, The game!

“Great read and very happy to have a signed copy of the first publication. A fantastic addition to my library.”
- Adam Kessler, President Eden Engineering, Inc.

“cannot put it down. Great stories,great sense of humor. Sorry about the insanity that put you away for so long.”
- Regards, From: Richard Wright

Join The Gang
Wear the Infamous Medallion

medallionThe Black Tuna Gang In 1979, a joint DEA/FBI task force in Miami immobilized the Black Tuna Gang, a major marijuana smuggling ring responsible for bringing 500 tons of marijuana into the United States over a 16-month period.
. Many of the gang members wore solid-gold medallions bearing a black tuna emblem. The medallions served as a talisman and symbol of their membership in this smuggling group. It was a highly organized ring, with gang members maintaining security and eavesdropping on radio frequencies used by police and U.S. Customs officials. neighborhoods.

The Black Tuna Gang ran an elaborate operation, complete with electronically equipped trucks used to maintain contact with the freighters and to monitor law enforcement channels.


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